What is the SAFE-T?
SAFE-T is a chic and super stylish decorative fire extinguishing device!

How long can SAFE-T work?
Up to 10 years. Validity date on the bottom.

Does the SAFE-T meet all the standards?
SAFE-T is CE 0029 certified and technically manufactured according to strict EN3 standards. It also has been certified by Apragaz, a third party certifier.

What is different from the extinguisher I have at home?
Style! Your (boring) fire extinguisher at home is most likely red with a dusty tag and white markings. Not ready for your kitchen table anytime soon! Even if the Consumer Product Safety Commission does not mandate any federal certification, official fire extinguishers are typically UL certified because they bear instructions for use on the bottle. Our instructions are at the bottom of the bottle.

Can SAFE-T replace my traditional extinguisher?
SAFE-T is manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards. Nevertheless, you should ALWAYS use an official UL certified fire extinguisher in case of fire.  SAFE-T is really about décor and style.

Who manufactures the SAFE-T?
SAFE-T is manufactured by SICLI S.A., the uncontested Belgian leader in fire extinguishers manufacturing and production. SICLI boasts 85 years of experience.

When can I use my SAFE-T?
The SAFE-T can be used on all types of fire in the initial stages:
A: Solid objects made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tires.
B: Liquids or materials than can turn to liquid: oil, grease, paint, petrol, and varnish.
C: Gas: propane, hydrogen
The fire extinguishing powder is non flammable and non toxic.

How long is SAFE-T guaranteed?
5-year technical guarantee, based on your purchase receipt.

Can I return my SAFE-T product?
Because the product is Hazmat, shipping it requires meeting strict DOT guidelines.  Taking products back is difficult. Please bombard us with every question possible before making your purchase decision so we have a chance to stay friend forever!

Why do people buy SAFE-T?
Our records show that 80% of the people buy SAFE-T as a gift because it is so unique and lasts so long.  Clever!

How do I reach you?
Here is how to contact us

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